Meet some of our Principal Officers

1 Mrs. Popoola R.O. Director of Environment
2 Mrs. Ilugbaro B.K. Director of Education and Social Services
3 Dr. Mrs. Ikwuene I.O. Primary Health Care Coordinator and Medical Officer of Health (MOH)
4 Mrs. Adekunle M.O. Director of Administration and General Services
5 Pastor Samuel Adepoju Director of Agriculture and Natural Resources
6 Mrs. Babarimisa T.Y. Director of Finance
7 Builder Kolapo F.M. Director of Works
8 Mr. Kolade T.G. Director of Budget, Planning Research and Statistics
9 Mrs. Akinlade A. Local Government Internal Auditor
assisted by various deputies and sectional heads namely:
1 Mr. Ojo DDAGs
2 Mrs. Orotoye V.M. D/DESS
3 Mrs. Yusuf D.T
4 Mrs. Adebisi F.M. Estate & Valuation Officer
5 Mr. Bolomope Musa Rate Officer
6 Mr. Osunbunmi Odunayo Establishment Officer
7 Mrs. Kafayat Olagunju Information Officer
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